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songmix- "untitled" & vacation

Tomorrow my parents and I are leaving for a vacation to the Virgin Islands! We'll be there for 10 days, relaxing our butts off. I'm so excited, I haven't slept for the last few days. I just can't wait to get away from everything and everybody. And hopefully get a tan! I'll take pics and maybe send one to my LJ while I'm there, if I can figure out how to do it. :P

Also, I have a mix (and an attempt at creative writing)for you! Take a peek under the cut!



The June gloom has finally cleared up and the sky is ridiculously blue. The sunsets are turning golden and blindingly bright. The 'zonies are storming the beaches and there are children literally everywhere. It is officially summer. Season of beach bonfires, late nights and the right to wear flip-flops and boardshorts wherever the hell you want.

This mix is basically 20 songs that make me think of surfing+summer in socal. The emphasis is absolutely not on lyrics but on sound and visualization. These are just songs that remind me of the best days of my life, going out into the ocean and hanging out on the beach morning, noon and evening with my best friends.
I hope it does something like that for you too. :)

beautiful day/donavon

could you be loved/bob marley

california dreamin'/the mama's and the papa's


good vibrations/the beach boys

buffalo soldier/bob marley

uncontrollable urge/devo

welcome to jamrock/damien marley

youth of the nation/p.o.d.

if i could fall in love/lenny kravitz

subterranean homesick alien/radiohead

doin' time/sublime

12:59 lullaby/bedouin soundclash


i'll be here a while/311


somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world/israel kamakawiwo'ole

mermaids/slow runner

everything i want to be/save ferris

let it be sung/jack johnson

/zip file download
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